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Becoming free from addiction is a difficult journey.  Each individual will have a different path to recovery.  Once recovery is found, the addict has freedom.  The chains of addiction will hold the person back from being the best version of themselves.  Having the freedom to be who the individual wants to be is part of succeeding.  The ability to build a new life motivates the addict to continue success in recovery.  

The chains of addiction keep a person paranoid of judgment.  The stigma of addiction builds on fear.  After treatment, the addict can be free from self-judgment.  The person in recovery can choose not to be a judgmental person, also.  The addict begins to understand others.  The feelings of loneliness diminish and replaced with empathy.  

During recovery, cravings will sneak up on the addict.  The temptation will come around and the ability to say ‘no’ will be available.  While using drugs or alcohol, the addict doesn’t feel saying ‘no’ is an option.  Addiction has the control.  Fear of withdrawal symptoms keeps the addict using.  Once treatment is sought out, the individual gets through the symptoms and understands addiction as a disease.  Treatment is necessary to counteract the disorder.  Freedom to say ‘no’ after treatment is liberating for the addict.

Post-treatment includes building a new life.  The addict can finally be who they want to be.  Choices of housing, career, support, and hobbies can be overwhelming at first.  The person in recovery needs to understand this is the opportunity to plan a life of success.  The addict can choose to generate a life of happiness.  

The 12 step programs work.  Creating a new life based off of the Big Book from Alcoholics Anonymous give guidelines to freedom.  How to find exactly what the person in recovery wants in life can be challenging.  Addiction has distracted the person from hopes and dreams.  The 12 steps help the addict understand what to do next in order to build a life of happiness and success.  Finding support in all the right places is following the steps.  Finding a comforting and spiritual path is following the steps.  The freedom to make choices in a positive way, without the chains of addiction, is liberation for the addict.  

The fight against addiction doesn’t have to be done alone.  Find freedom in recovery.  There is hope in recovery.  Call Design For Change to discover your freedom. (877) 267-3646

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