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The Functionality Of The Spiritual Solution

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It is often called the “God-shaped hole”. Every addict and alcoholic is familiar with it, whether or not they have come to form a relationship with a Higher Power of their own understanding. No amount of drugs, sex, risky behavior, alcohol, crime, self-sabotage, and other painful behaviors could fill it. There was a chronic and empty feeling that something was missing. Try as they may in every way they could conceive the hole could not be filled in a satisfying and healing way until they sought  spiritual solution in recovery. Speaking on providing a spiritual solution to addicts and alcoholics in need of recovery, one mental health counselor explained how spirituality can replace drugs and alcohol. Rather than attempt to fill the hole with external substances, those in recovery can learn to fill it with an internal wellspring of support through spirituality. “The thing is the substance has been their best friend and companion, so you have to have something else you can depend on and that would be spirituality.” “When people begin to develop a spiritual life through counseling and spiritual support, they begin to lose that sense of being alone,” the counselor expressed.

Addiction treatment is not standardized and the science behind it is relatively new. Currently, there are no “cures” for treating addiction, no medications which are proven to keep someone sober for the rest of their lives. There are what are called “evidence based” practices which have indicated that their results are effective in preventing relapse and providing lifelong relief from substance abuse. Twelve step programs and the spiritual solution provided within them are not often called evidence based practices, but are one of the most relied upon forms of treatment around the world. Alcoholics Anonymous, for example, can be found in dozens of countries around the world where “The Big Book” is translated into hundreds of languages. Spirituality is one of the few universal experiences because it means something different to everyone- yet for almost everyone it means discovering something which is simultaneously within them as well as outside of them in the form of a higher power. Along with finding a higher power is learning to live along “spiritual lines” which helps rectify a loss of moral judgment, due to brain damage caused by substance abuse.

Lifelong sobriety happens one step at a time. If you or a loved one are looking for hope, there is hope in recovery. Call Design For Change today for information on our long term treatment options and other recovery services at (877) 267-3646.

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