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Organizing a Heroin Addiction Intervention

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Heroin is highly addictive. For many, one time is all it takes to become hooked on the drug. If the person is unable to break free from their addiction, they could contract liver disease, heart problems and brain damage. In very rare cases, people are able to quit on their own, but most success stories come from those who seek professional help. Watching a loved one succumb to heroin addiction can leave you feeling demoralized. However, you might be able to help by staging an intervention.

Preparing for a Heroin Intervention

An intervention for heroin addiction can be a highly charged experience for all parties. It’s important to remember that heroin greatly alters how your loved one processes pleasure and pain. No one starts using drugs with the intent to become addicted. They may have wanted to reach out for help previously, but shame or guilt could have gotten in the way. Your expression of concern and support could be what helps them take that first step towards recovery. On the other hand, it’s possible they could feel betrayed by this confrontation, and some harsh words might be spoken. It can be difficult to prepare for this situation, particularly if you’ve never experienced an intervention, so it’s a good idea to talk to a social worker, healthcare professional or intervention specialist beforehand.

Guidelines for Heroin Addiction Intervention

Most interventions follow some general guidelines.

  • Designate a leader. Usually, this will be a parent, guardian, spouse or partner.
  • Write personal letters. Each person attending the intervention should make written notes outlining how the person’s heroin addiction has affected your relationship with them.
  • Lay out the rules going forward. Make a list of any financial or behavioral consequences that will be enforced. It is vital that you are prepared to carry through on anything discussed here.

Intervention Help in Palmdale, CA

At Design for Change, we have a team of family care consultants who have conducted thousands of interventions. These licensed and highly qualified, compassionate professionals each favor their own style of intervention, so we can evaluate your unique needs in order to determine the best approach. They are all skilled in maintaining the focus of an intervention which is making sure your loved one finds the help they need to overcome their addiction to heroin.

If you’re a resident of the Palmdale, CA area, contact us today for a confidential consultation. We can help you plan a structured heroin addiction intervention that lovingly encourages your family member or friend to seek the treatment they need to leave addiction behind.

A concerned family plans a heroin addiction intervention.