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Hope Exists in Recovery

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When addiction has a hard hold on an individual hope seems lost.  Racing thoughts, negative feelings, and guilted shame contribute to the cycle of addiction.  The addict, whether aware or not, needs assistance in fighting addiction.  Having a support network which shows the positive side can create an overwhelming sense of hope.  Having the right people and care can make all the difference in treatment.  

Stress is one of the top triggers for addiction.  People look for outlets when stress becomes unbearable.  When an individual doesn’t know how to handle stress in a healthy manner, drugs and alcohol become a coping mechanism.  Treatment can break the cycle and release the addict from the chains of addiction.  Being able to pause, be still, and focus on the future constructs a pathway to a successful recovery.  

Holding on to hope becomes motivation to continue on.  Creative therapy generates motivation by personal inspiration.  Being proud of a creation or new skill manifests the addict’s capability.  Music and arts are a brilliant way to show expression.  Music can have a trigger reaction.  Using the musical force to counteract a trigger, instead of creating one, becomes a valuable tool in recovery.  Finding ways to combat triggers compiles hope for the addict.  

Other forms of treatment and therapy bring joy and understanding.  Cognitive behavioral therapy, or talk therapy, gives the addict time to contemplate personal actions.  Reviewing previous behaviors explains what addiction was doing to the individual and how changes can be made.  A professional therapist can guide the thought processes to move past the emotions and look to a brighter future.  Emotional support is a strong resource to have through recovery.  One on one sessions and group therapy give the ambition to move forward.

Prayer and meditation center the addict.  Affirmations of hope initiate an optimistic attitude.  To know a ‘higher power’ as a source of inspiration and relief the addict needs to practice prayer and meditation.  Other benefits include a calming sense of peace, stress relief, and self-control.

Going from having a life of stress, health issues, and negative feelings into a life of hope is a drastic change.  Change is possible when the correct treatment is chosen.  Help and education from peers of the same degree give the addict fellowship.  Trust and honesty are regained.  

Not all hope is lost.  Change and optimism are possible when supported by Design For Change.  Our caring and loving staff give an environment for healing and building up the clients.  Call (877) 267-3646 to speak with us about giving you the best hope for recovery.

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