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How Does Holistic Addiction Treatment Differ from Traditional Treatment?

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Home recovery How Does Holistic Addiction Treatment Differ from Traditional Treatment?

You may have seen or heard the term holistic addiction treatment, but aren’t sure exactly what it means.  What makes it different from other treatment methods, and who will benefit the most from this treatment approach? 

First, you need to know that the holistic approach does not replace standard treatment methods.  Instead, holistic therapies are used in conjunction with standard treatment to provide whole-person healing.  In general, holistic treatment helps with mental and emotional issues, curbs withdrawals, provides coping skills and enhances overall physical and spiritual well-being.  

What Is Holistic Addiction Treatment?

Holistic Addiction TreatmentThe holistic approach to addiction treatment is a growing trend that shows tremendous results in helping people improve their quality of life. During treatment, the holistic approach focuses on physical, spiritual, and mental health concurrently.  Most inpatient addiction treatment programs incorporate some aspects of holistic therapies in their overall treatment curriculum.  

Rather than focus primarily on the physiological aspects of addiction, holistic therapy seeks to help a person understand why they used addictive substances.  As a result, they can more easily develop effective strategies for preventing relapses.

Holistic Addiction Treatment vs. Evidence-Based Treatment

Although holistic treatment is not considered evidence-based, research shows that holistic therapies are highly effective methods for treating addiction.  For instance, studies show that holistic addiction treatment helps individuals gain an increased sense of self and also aids in decreasing anxiety and depression.  These symptoms are typically present in most cases of substance use disorder.  By helping people learn effective coping methods to manage these symptoms, they are less likely to resort to drugs or alcohol.

Holistic therapies help people relearn essential life skills such as creative thinking, conflict management, problem-solving, time management, financial management, and organizational skills.  Overall, these skills help a person manage everyday living so they don’t feel pressured, which is a common relapse trigger.

Evidence-based therapies generally include cognitive behavioral therapy, talk therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and medication-assisted treatment.  Holistic therapies typically include things like experiential therapy, art and music therapy, to name a few. 

Below is a more detailed list of the various holistic treatments that may be offered by an addiction treatment program.

Components of Holistic Treatment Programs

Each treatment facility differs in the types of holistic therapies they offer. However, they usually offer several forms as part of a comprehensive treatment approach. Some of the most common holistic therapies are:  

  • Art, Music, or Writing Therapy
  • Meditation and Mindfulness
  • Biofeedback and Neurofeedback
  • Yoga, Exercise, and Experiential Therapy
  • Nutritional Therapy
  • Massage Therapy and Acupuncture
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Sociometry
  • Psychodrama

At Design for Change Recovery, we offer holistic therapies to complement our evidence-based full continuum of care.  We assess each client’s respective needs to create a comprehensive, personalized treatment approach.   

Benefits of Holistic Therapies

Holistic addiction treatment serves many purposes.  It helps clients overcome substance use and alcohol use disorders and is also effective in treating behavioral addictions.  Behavioral addictions are just as difficult to overcome as substance use disorders.  They include such things as gambling addiction, sex addiction, social media addiction, and gaming addiction to name a few.

Holistic treatment can be used to treat any form of addiction and is effective in treating dual-diagnosis clients as well.  Here are some of the many benefits of holistic therapies in addiction treatment:

Mental health issues – Holistic therapies help a person learn to cope with distressing emotions and thoughts that may lead to relapse.  Mindfulness training and behavioral therapy are effective tools in this aspect of treatment.

Relapse prevention techniques – By helping a person understand why they use addictive substances, holistic therapy is better equipped to control cravings and triggers.  

Stress management – Many emotional issues are caused by stress and may lead to substance use.  Holistic therapies help people reduce and manage stress with exercise, nutrition, and relaxation techniques.  

Improved health – When mental, physical, and spiritual health improves, the person is less likely to reach for drugs or alcohol to make them feel better.  

Stronger interpersonal skills – Through various therapies such as group counseling, family therapy, and support groups, clients learn to relate and communicate with others more effectively.  This holistic therapy approach will help them repair relationships that were damaged by substance use.

Improved self-esteem – Learning and perfecting new skills helps a person gain confidence.  It also elevates their sense of self-worth.  These attributes will serve them well as they begin to reestablish their place in society.

All in all, holistic addiction treatment teaches you how to make incremental changes that work together to help you lead a more rewarding and productive lifestyle.

Does Insurance Cover Holistic Addiction Treatment?

Because holistic therapy is not recognized as an evidence-based practice, some insurance companies may not cover many of the therapies.  To find out what is covered by your policy, talk to one of the treatment advisors at Design for Change Recovery.  We will verify your insurance and work with your insurance provider to get the best quality treatment possible for your needs.

Our Holistic Approach to Addiction Treatment at Design for Change

Design for Change Recovery provides a comprehensive treatment program that focuses on treating all aspects of addiction.  We incorporate scientifically proven methods with holistic therapies to achieve whole-person healing for long-term recovery success.  

If you are looking for holistic addiction treatment, contact our Lancaster, CA facility today to learn more about our programs.  We will help you not only overcome addiction but also to have a more fulfilling and healthier future.

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How Does Holistic Addiction Treatment Differ from Traditional Treatment?