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The Most Important Nutrient You Need For Mood Boosting Meals

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Our brains run on food. The vitamins and nutrients we get from food charge our brains in a way that only food can provide. Without these essential vitamins, fats, acids, and nutrients, the brain starts to function less and less efficiently. Diet, nutrition, and exercise are all core components of a successful treatment program and personal program of recovery. Addiction affects the brain and can critically damage the body. In addition to various treatment and therapy methods, it is vital that the mind and the body be restored equally. Food is a great healer. Creating a relationship with food which provides sustainability for emotional regulation and cognitive function is a benefit to all areas of recovery.

Omega 3-fatty acids are the most important nutrients the brain needs to thrive on. These fatty acids are absolutely essential for brain functioning and they can only be found in food. Focusing a diet around the inclusion of these nutrients brings in other important vitamins and minerals which help improve focus, information retention, and can boost mood.

What Are Omega 3-Fatty Acids?

These fatty acids are not able to be produced by the brain or the body but can be consumed through food. Not only do these fatty acids help the brain function, they actually help the brain tissue, contributing to nerve structure and brain structure. By supporting the brain, these foods help improve mood and wellbeing. Many of the foods which contain Omega 3’s also include B-Vitamins and trace minerals like Selenium. B-Vitamins create energy, which can sustain treatment and recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Selenium is a trace mineral which can improve thyroid function. High levels of adrenal stress and hormone imbalance is common during the early stages of recovery. Consuming foods with selenium can help to balance out the thyroid, which will help reduce symptoms of depression as well as regulate mood.

How Do I Eat Omega 3-Fatty Acids?

If you don’t like the list of foods with high potency of Omega 3’s, there are vitamin supplements you can take to get those dose you need in order to support your brain function. Most popular forms of food to get Omega 3’s from include:

  • Oily or fatty fish like salmon
  • Eggs
  • Flaxseed
  • Avocado
  • Coconut oil

Everyone is capable of change in recovery because everyone is capable of taking the necessary actions which result in change. There is a hope and freedom waiting for you on the other side of addiction. If you are seeking treatment, you are not a failure. You are worth the love and attention of a treatment program like the ones offered at Design For Change. Our step down treatment process offers unparalleled peace of mind and body. Call us today for more information: (877) 267-3646

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