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While an addict is using drugs or alcohol, racing thoughts are out of control and peace of mind is lost.  The symptoms of addiction do not allow for relaxation or calm thoughts.  With the support of treatment, an addict can begin to understand stress and experience mindfulness.  The skills acquired in treatment create a new life for the addict in ways the individual would never have thought possible.  The outside world won’t seem so scary and the person in recovery has an understanding of relaxation.

Emotions run high when an addict is using.  Mood swings from one emotion to the next do not allow the individual to stop and think.  Planning and taking action become confusing. Confusion feeds fear and cripples the addict from moving forward in life.  During treatment, the addict is taught to slow the racing thoughts and be able to follow through with life plans.  The fear of the outside world diminishes.

Through treatment, the addict is also taught mindfulness.  The ability to focus on ‘the here and now’ generate peace of mind.  Having a plan for the future is a wonderful way to create a new life.  Although, when the addict is focused on the future, the ‘here and now’ gets confusing.  Having mindfulness gives the person in recovery a way to look at the future plan, in a step by step process.  “What can I do right now to improve what I want in the future?” is a question everyone can ask themselves when racing thoughts and stress become overwhelming.

Stress is a major trigger for addicts.  The ability to manage stress is a tool to prevent relapse.  While in treatment the individual is taught many tools to lean on when stress becomes overwhelming.  The toolbox of skills can be reached at any moment.  Coping with stress from the toolbox is a healthy alternative to drugs or alcohol.  

The value of relaxation and peace of mind is sometimes lost.  Balance in life is vital to any success.  The addict in recovery needs to make time to manage stress and relaxation.  Blocking out only a little time for relaxation is important.  When too much time is available triggers can be ignited.  Jumping back to the coping skills will help.  The addict has to remember the importance of balance in order to have unparalleled peace of mind.

Racing thoughts, triggers, and imbalance create chaos in life.  Design for Change can help you find an unparalleled peace of mind in sobriety and recovery.  Make the change by calling (877)267-3646

peace of mind