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Recovery From Drug Addiction Builds Resiliency

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Resiliency is defined as “the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties.” How is it that after daily use and abuse of drugs and alcohol, addicts and alcoholics are able to start recovering? They are inherently resilient. The longer they stay sober and participate in their recovery, the more resilient they become.

Choice is a controversial topic in recovery and the discussion of addiction because of the two ways choice plays a part. Many criticize addiction and the addicts struggling with it for making poor choices in their life and choosing to become addicted. People also say that recovery is a choice, one that is made every single day, so if addicts can choose recovery they didn’t need to choose to keep using. Both are true and untrue in different ways. To use drugs and alcohol is a choice. To become chemically dependent on drugs and alcohol is not a choice. Once someone becomes chemically dependent, their minds have been taken over by drugs and alcohol. In moments of strength, clarity, and tremendous courage, they are able to fight against every chemical demand in their brain and their body and choose to get sober. After they make that first choice, they are tasked to make that choice every single day.

It’s a matter of resilience. When people come to recovery, they often describe themselves as feeling broken and shattered. Inside of that brokenness, however, is a tremendous strength. In the matter of hours, minutes, even moments, someone who has used and abused drugs and alcohol potentially for decades is able to stop. They have “the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties”. Addiction is certainly a difficulty. Though it takes time for the body to detox, for the symptoms of withdrawals and cravings to go away, to truly feel better in recovery- all of those moments do not include drugs and alcohol. People in recovery start building resiliency the minute they start recovering because, as the definition indicates, resiliency is the capacity to recover.

You can be victorious in the fight against addiction. Design For Change offers a refuge for those who want to find freedom and hope in recovery. Our residential treatment plans can be customized to fit your needs for length of stay. If you are ready to heal and change your life, we’re here to show you how to change one step at a time. Call us today for information on our treatment programs and recovery services: (877) 267-3646

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