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How Does ‘Recovery’ Show Up On Your Resume?

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Home QA How Does ‘Recovery’ Show Up On Your Resume?

When we enter recovery, we may be light-years away from thinking about our career trajectory. Many of us had lost our jobs in active addiction, often as a direct result of our drinking, drug, or gambling habit. We might have been belligerent or resentful toward our boss, were drunk or high on the job, or stole from our employers. We might simply have become incompetent at our jobs, again as a result of our addiction.

If we were still employed, we might have been underemployed – that is, working at jobs that were far below our potential, in order not to be fired. Others who were self-employed may have brought their business to the brink of failure.

Whatever your situation is, keep in mind that recovery opens up new possibilities for us in just about every area of our lives, including our work lives. As we get sober, we become valuable employees again. We’re able to show up on time, every day, and stay focused on doing the best job we can. We discover our true potential and work toward attaining it. We rebuild trust with our bosses and co-workers. We can once more provide for ourselves and our family, and work toward meeting our financial obligations.

Whether or not you receive employment coaching or training during your stay at the treatment center, you will learn many skills in recovery that you can transfer to the job market. Primarily, recovery requires of us honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness to learn – qualities that virtually any employer will value as well. The “skills” portion of your resume can now reflect those qualities.

In addition, you’ll work at becoming punctual, reliable, responsible, respectful, and cooperative. You’ll learn to be part of a team – no worse and no better than any other member of the team, but a true equal. You’ll learn patience and tolerance, and become able to see situations from others’ point of view. Your ability to “play the tape to the end” when tempted to relapse will translate to an ability to think through problems and offer solutions.

In recovery, you may for the first time be capable of a job you had previously only dreamed about; whether that opportunity presents itself early in your recovery or down the road, you will become ready for work you can take pride in, that you find rewarding, and that benefits others.

Hope exists in recovery. Design For Change offers a refuge for addicts seeking recovery in a long term residential program with a full continuum of care options. Grounded in the 12 step philosophy, our programs focus on creating change by taking action. Call us today for information on how we are changing lives, one step at a time: (877) 267-3646

How Does ‘Recovery’ Show Up On Your Resume?