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Rehab: Are You Looking for Excuses to Avoid It? 

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Home recovery Rehab: Are You Looking for Excuses to Avoid It? 

Like many people with substance use disorders, you believe your reasons for avoiding rehab are valid.  But if you continue to delude yourself, your SUD will become progressively worse.  Ultimately, your physical and mental health will decline.  So, you must ask yourself if the consequences are worth the risk.  

The three most common reasons why people avoid rehab are fear, denial, and stigma. Do you struggle with these reasons and excuses?  If so, your apprehensions about treatment can lead to life-threatening outcomes if you choose to skip rehab.  Take the time, for your own good, to learn about the benefits of addiction treatment programs.

Do These Reasons for Avoiding Rehab Sound Familiar?

The fears and excuses you make about rehab aren’t unique to you.  Many people who struggle with SUD share the same thoughts and feelings.  Do any of these sound familiar?

  • “I’m not addicted.  I can quit any time.”
  • “I can’t afford to miss work.”
  • “I have a family to take care of.”
  • “Rehab is too expensive.”
  • “I have things I need to do first.”
  • “Rehab doesn’t really work.

You can justify these excuses all you want, but the fact remains that rehab is the only way to successfully overcome substance abuse.  Don’t continue to be a victim of your fear of rehab.  Seek help now for your addiction so that you and your family can live a better life.

What to Do If You’re Afraid of Rehab

Denial has a powerful effect on your life.  It keeps you from making the right decisions about your health and well-being. The best way to defeat denial is to learn more about the benefits and success rates of addiction treatment.  

These are some things you can do if you’re afraid of rehab:

Determine the root cause of your reasons for avoiding rehab.

What drives your fear?  Are you afraid for others to know you have a substance use problem?  Or, maybe you’re worried that you’ll fail at recovery.  If you can identify the sources of your fear, you can take steps to confront and work through them. 

Learn more about addiction and treatment.

Many people worry that addiction is a sign of personal weakness. Others blame anything and everybody besides themselves.  Such thinking indicates a lack of understanding of the reality of addiction.  If you fall in this category, find reliable resources to educate yourself about addiction and treatment.

Create a support group of friends and family.

The support and encouragement of friends and family members will make it easier for you to overcome addiction.  Whether they provide emotional support or financial assistance, they can make a difference in your successful recovery.  However, if you don’t have a strong support structure, most treatment centers provide aftercare programs.  These programs are a great resource for connecting with like-minded people and gaining much-needed guidance and encouragement. 

Enter treatment despite your reasons for avoiding rehab.

A wise man once said that “courage is not the absence of fear, but the ability to act in spite of it.”  Apply that to your situation.  Seeking treatment despite your fears is a courageous act.  Once you enter the rehab facility, you’ll discover that your reasons for avoiding rehab were unfounded.

Decide that you’re worth the effort.

How will you know whether rehab works unless you try?  Don’t allow unsubstantiated claims to influence your decision. Rehab is a vital part of addiction recovery. It is the beginning of a rewarding journey that you’ll take in stages.  

You must decide that you’re worth the effort and do whatever you can to maintain sobriety.  Attend support group meetings, find sober ways to have fun, and make new friends.  You have the ability to choose the path your life will take.

Begin Your Recovery Journey at Design for Change 

For every reason to avoid rehab, there are more reasons to go.  Professional, evidence-based addiction treatment can help you make a new fresh start in life.  Not only will you enjoy improved health, but you’ll be rewarded each day as you discover what you’ve been missing. 

At Design for Change Recovery, we will help you overcome your fear of rehab.  Our team of compassionate, skilled addiction specialists will make sure you are comfortable and that all of your needs are met.  We will customize a treatment plan that is right for your specific situation to ensure that you get the level of care you require.

We offer a program that will address the underlying causes of addiction to ensure long-term recovery results.  Our goal is to help you reach your full potential in life.  

Are you ready to achieve the best version of yourself?  Let go of your reasons for avoiding rehab and contact our Lancaster, CA facility today.  One of our representatives will be happy to assess your needs and help you get started on your recovery journey.


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