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What Is A “Toolbox” In Sobriety And What Are The “Tools” I Need For It?

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Home QA What Is A “Toolbox” In Sobriety And What Are The “Tools” I Need For It?


We hear the term “toolbox” often in recovery when it comes to learning to live clean and sober from drugs and alcohol. Everyone gets a “toolbox” when they decide to get sober. Throughout the course of their lives in recovery, they find and develop the “tools” to put in their toolbox. Of course, these tools are rarely in material form, though they sometimes can be. What these tools truly are, are lessons, techniques, tips, inspirations, reminders, and practices for maintaining serenity and staying sober. There are some universal tools which help everyone- for example, breathing. Tools can also be personal and unique. Not everyone will find fly fishing to be an important tool for their sobriety toolbox, but some people will consider it a most important one. We rely on our tools to get us through bad times, help stay grateful for good times, and navigate cravings when they arise.

Tools are devices we use as instruments for our lives. Tools can fix and tools can adjust. Tools help us get things done. We use tools to fix what we can fix about something in our lives, which is typically something about ourselves and our sobriety. We make adjustments to our outlook, our actions, our thoughts, and our behaviors. A tool is used when a pipe starts leaking. It takes a wrench to tighten up a loose fastener and make sure the leak stops. The same principle applies to our sobriety. We use a tool when we start slipping out of our sober mindset and head into another place not so serene. When we are in fear, in anger, in insecurity, in sadness, or any other number of emotions, we can start to “leak” out old behaviors instead of effectively regulating ourselves and acting in a manageable way. We rely on our tools, in our sober toolbox, to help us get back on track.

One of the most important tools we can count on in any situation is our sobriety. If we were to use the wrong tool on our leaking pipe, for example, we could cause a greater problem which could lead to devastating consequences- like a flood. When we choose drugs and alcohol again as one of our tools, we bring more harm to the situation, to others, and to ourselves, which can lead to devastating consequences, like fatal overdose. The tools in our toolbox helps us make choices which help us through instead of harm us as a distraction.

There is hope in recovery. Design For Change will show you the way to a lifetime of sobriety and serenity through comprehensive residential treatment programs which focus on empowering patients to make actionable change in their lives. Action comes from change. Everyone is capable of change. Everyone is capable of recovering. For more information, call us today at (877) 267-3646.

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