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Wellness Solutions that Target the Mind and Body

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A vital ingredient to overall mental health and wellness begins with balance.  People with an addiction or mental health issues need extra attention to balance.  The mind, body, and spirit need to be incorporated into daily routines to support a healthy lifestyle.  A few solutions to combat against stress and imbalance are meditation, diet and exercise, art therapy, and keeping tabs on personal mental space.


Fighting stress and anxiety begins with acknowledging where the irritation is coming from.  Stress can be from family, career, grief or loss, or any number of other life events.  Taking time to sit down and review the issue can help find solutions.  Even just 5 minutes a day will keep tabs on stress and how to handle anxiety.  Meditation isn’t always sitting cross-legged on a mat with candles going.  Meditation can also be 5 minutes in a parked car before a big meeting.  Anywhere, anytime is a good opportunity to clear the mind and take the next proper step to success.  The body also gets a chance to release tension.  Stress manipulates the muscles more than realized.


Overexertion is commonly associated with the word ‘exercise’.  Working out doesn’t have to be sweat, tears, and sore muscles.  A brisk walk or dancing around the kitchen with the kids can be enough to distract the mind and get the body moving.  When stress keeps someone from sleeping, overexerting exercise can counteract the effects.  Using all the energy available will tire the mind and relieve the person to sleep.

Artistic Therapy

Music and the arts are great forms therapy.  Stimulating the mind with colors and sounds relaxes the addict.  Recommendations for people fighting anxiety is to distract the mind with art and then return to the issue.  A solution is found after a mental break.

Guard your Mental Space

‘Guarding your mental space’ has a few different meanings.  First, consider how much information is shared to or from an individual.  Social anxiety can stem from oversharing.  Guarding personal thoughts can save someone from stressing about people around them.  Second, when using the above techniques someone can focus on positive notions instead of allowing the negative thoughts to take up ‘mind space’.  Guarding your mental space reminds an addict or someone with mental illness to focus on the goals ahead and stay in a positive pace moving forward.

Imbalance in our lives can break a positive pattern of moving forward.  Don’t get stuck in place with stress.  Keep moving forward with Design for Change.  (877)267-3646

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