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What Are Wellness Vapes and Are Their Health Claims True?

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Far too many people are eager to try the next new trend.  Everyone they know is doing it, so it must be safe, right?  In the end, these individuals may experience unexpected health problems. So, what does this have to do with wellness vapes?   Let’s take a look at some things you should know about these products before using them.

What Are Wellness Vapes?

What are wellness vapes?  Wellness vapes are e-cigarette devices that deliver vitamins such as vitamins B-12, C, melatonin, milk thistle, caffeine, green tea, and other supplements directly into the lungs.  However, studies show that B-12 supplements only work for someone who has a rare B-12 deficiency.  Some people may prefer to inhale B-12 rather than take repeated injections.

Manufacturers of wellness vapes claim that vapes help people lose weight, focus better, and sleep better.  They also claim that wellness vapes boost immunities and help people cope with ADHD, anxiety, or depression.

Rather than swallowing various pills, individuals use wellness vapes because it’s easier.  They think vitamins and supplements act faster when inhaled because they are absorbed into the bloodstream more quickly.  

The Food and Drug Administration warns that wellness vapes are unproven, ineffective, and could be harmful.  Since the product doesn’t contain nicotine, it does not require FDA approval.  As a result, wellness vapes are illegally marketed without regulation.

Risks Involved with Using Wellness Vapes

Vaping can be dangerous due to the effect it has on a person’s lungs.  People who inhale the vapors can experience the following, according to the FDA:

  •  severe coughing
  •  trouble speaking and breathing
  •  airway tightening
  •  popcorn lung (bronchiolitis obliterans)

People with health conditions are cautioned not to use these products.  For instance, individuals with diabetes, heart disease, COPD, or lung infections may suffer severe complications from vaping.  

Although a product claims to be safe or natural, it doesn’t mean it’s true.  These kinds of misleading statements are part of the manufacturer’s marketing tactics.  

Wellness vapes may also be marketed as:

  • All-natural foods
  • Dietary supplements
  • Infusers, diffusers, vaporizers
  • Aromatherapy

It’s important to remember that wellness vaping products are not FDA-approved to treat or prevent any disease or health condition. Even though social media has become increasingly supportive of wellness vaping, don’t be easily misled.  Learn the facts before experimenting with these products.

Are Wellness Vapes Addictive?

Wellness vapes, otherwise known as “nutritional supplement diffusers” do not contain nicotine.  As a nicotine-free product, wellness vapes are not addictive.  

Despite being nicotine-free, using wellness vapes can become a compulsion.  It is common for extraordinarily health-conscious individuals to often become “addicted” to things like exercise and nutrition.  

According to the FDA:  

“We must carefully weigh the benefits and risks of use. Many of the supplements in these devices may help improve our lifestyles, but there is no evidence to support the benefits of inhalation over traditional methods of delivery.”

No one knows the long-term consequences of wellness vaping.  The trend is relatively new, therefore, research is limited. However, it is growing in popularity.  Recent studies show that about 24% of young adults now use nicotine-free vaping products.

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What Are Wellness Vapes and Are Their Health Claims True?