Women’s Addiction Treatment Center

Women’s Rehab Center in Lancaster CA

Studies have shown that separating the genders during addiction treatment can have a positive impact on recovery. That’s why at Design for Change, we provide women with their own space so that their individual needs can be addressed more effectively.


When you arrive at our women’s rehab center in Lancaster CA, you enter into an environment where you can focus solely on healing – both physically and mentally. The ability to cut down on potential distractions makes the road to recovery not only more effective, but also allows it to occur at a much faster rate.


Getting clean is hard and involves focusing heavily amid a range of emotions – meaning that developing a serious relationship during the recovery process can be a problem.
While both genders are susceptible to substance abuse, the ways in which they become addicted are often times very different. Not only that, the effects of alcohol and drugs on their bodies can contrast greatly.


Those participating at our rehab program for women in Lancaster are free to express their feelings in an environment that’s free from judgment. They can share stories about their experiences, know they’re not alone, and learn much more about themselves. In the process, supportive relationships are formed as they walk confidently towards sobriety. While being treated at Design for Change, women learn about:


  • Self-Love
  • Self-Care
  • Emotions
  • Roles
  • Relationships
  • Communication
  • Boundaries, etc.


Women at Design for Change also gain valuable tools that allow them to overcome addiction, while focusing on:


  • 12 steps
  • Strategies for coping
  • Meditation
  • Boundaries
  • How to cope
  • Triggers
  • Therapy & Counseling
  • Stressors, etc.


Women’s Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center

Substance addiction is often times paired with some kind of mental ailment – whether it’s depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder, or some form of personality disorder. Our counseling sessions occur within an intimate environment, where no more than 6 women are paired per counselor. This provides a more personalized experience, so that an emphasis is placed on a greater sharing of stories and experiences. In effect, bonding with one another becomes a critical part of the recovery process.


Whether you’re looking for women’s drug rehab or alcohol rehab, Lancaster’s Design for Change facility covers it all. As a 12-step treatment center with a holistic approach, we feature a variety of qualified staff members, including counselors, therapists, physicians, and psychologists. They all stand ready to help you in the recovery process.


A Healing Location

When it comes to rehab for women, Lancaster, California provides the perfect setting for healing. Located in Antelope Valley with mountains on the horizon, Lancaster is close enough to Los Angeles to allow for visits, yet far enough away to cut down on distractions and temptations.


Support for Families

It’s important to understand that addiction doesn’t just affect those struggling with substance abuse – it can also have a profound impact on the families and loved ones of those who care for the individual. That’s why Design for Change provides a full range of addiction support services for the families of the women in our care, whether it’s accomplished through family therapy, psychodrama (using dramatic play to explore internal & external conflicts), or reactive attachment therapy (addressing attachment issues). Learn more about our support for families by visiting our Family Program Page. Addiction is much more than a chemical and there’s no easy fix. Substance abuse affects us on a number of levels – whether it’s our minds, bodies, or even our spirits. But by eliminating distractions and focusing solely on what matters most, you can move beyond and heal.

Interested in learning more about our program? Learn more about our affordable solution to womens rehab through HMO (health maintenance organization) coverage.