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What is Gender-Specific Addiction Treatment?

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Home Addiction What is Gender-Specific Addiction Treatment?

When you’re considering entering a drug or alcohol addiction treatment program, it’s important to find one that meets your unique needs. Men and women may turn to substance use for different reasons and at different stages of life. Gender-specific addiction treatment focuses on the differences between men and women’s relationships with drugs and alcohol and utilizes strategies that work best for each group.

Potential Issues with Co-Ed Drug and Alcohol Treatment

When you stop using alcohol or drugs, you may feel the need to replace those things with something new. As you become involved in group therapy and experience open, honest connections with other people, romantic feelings can begin to interfere with your recovery. Separating men and women for treatment can remove this potential stumbling block for heterosexual individuals. This separation also removes a number of gender issues from the conversation and allows both sides to be more open and honest with their support groups.

Gender-Specific Rehab for Women

Nearly ¾ of female drug users in rehab report sexual abuse in their past-often prior to age 16. They have higher rates of trauma and PTSD than men struggling with addiction. If these traumatic experiences have involved men, co-ed treatment can complicate the process of creating the open, trusting environment needed for healing. Women are typically the primary caregivers when children are involved, and motherhood and potential pregnancy can introduce other unique dynamics and needs. Gender-specific treatment for women allows a program to more directly address addiction from a female perspective

Gender-Specific Drug Treatment for Men

Expressing emotions can be challenging for men. Unfortunately, the stereotype of the “manly man” who doesn’t cry or show vulnerability persists in our society. Addiction is a complex disease that often has roots in deep-seated emotions. It’s important to cultivate a safe environment where men can relate to one another and form supportive bonds. Once they discard their shame, guilt and embarrassment, they become more free to express and learn about themselves.

Gender-Specific Addiction Treatment Near Los Angeles, CA

At Design for Change, we believe in providing a personalized experience for those seeking help with alcohol and drug addiction. Our counseling groups are kept small to ensure you receive the attention you need in an intimate, nurturing environment. We also have staff and facilities equipped to deal with co-occurring disorders like depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder. This dual diagnosis treatment leads to better outcomes and lower rates of relapse. Located in Lancaster with a beautiful view of the mountains, we’re close enough to Los Angeles for loved ones to visit but far enough away to limit distractions. If you have questions about insurance, our admission team can help you determine what’s covered under your policy. Don’t wait another day to begin your journey towards recovery. Contact us today.

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