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5 Tips For An Effective Mindfulness Practice

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Mindfulness is a proven technique for managing stress, reducing symptoms of craving, and increasing feelings of spirituality. If you are new to mindfulness practice, here are five tips.

  • Practice Won’t Make Perfect. Practice Will Make Progress. Perfection is not attainable because it doesn’t exist. When people enter a mindfulness practice, they often tilt their results out of their favor because they become obsessed with a judgment of perfect- the perfect position, the perfect frame of mind, the perfect environment. Mindfulness is about practicing non-judgment and simply meeting yourself just where you are in that moment. Maybe your practice will be full of ruminating thoughts and physical discomfort. On the other hand, maybe your practice will fly by and you will feel relaxed. By continuing to practice, you continue to learn what works best for you and you develop your skills for continuing to practice.
  • Mindfulness Is Within You And Without You. It is easy to blame your environment for not being able to practice mindfulness. Mindfulness meditation is just one part of mindfulness. Mindfulness can also be a lifestyle and an activity you can apply to anything you do. All you need is a few deep breaths and a focus on them, as well as yourself and the environment around you. For deep mindfulness focus, a quiet environment will help. Try to avoid making excuses for your mindfulness practice and just practice mindfulness.
  • Make Mindfulness Your Own. There is no one right way to practice mindfulness. Some find sitting quietly to be their most mindful moment. Others feel they are more mindfully connected while in an activity like running, yoga, or drawing. Authenticity is a major part of mindfulness because you are learning to accept yourself for who you are, as you are, in each moment. Find the mindfulness practice which works for you. Experiment with different kind of mindfulness techniques and activities.
  • Trust In The Process. If you spend your entire mindfulness practice doubting whether or not mindfulness is going to work, you’re going to have a hard time waiting for mindfulness to start working. Trust that you are making progress slowly, but surely over time. Mindfulness is being extensively studied through various disciplines of research, all of which are finding that the results are undeniable. Mindfulness is proven to reduce stress, increase physical health, and enhance feelings of wellbeing.
  • Wait For The Miracle To Happen! Patience is a virtue for a reason. Many people run a treadmill for twenty minutes then run to the mirror expecting to see instant results. It just won’t happen! The same goes for mindfulness. Sitting down, taking a few deep breaths, and focusing on relaxing for just a second probably won’t give you the same effect as spending time in a practice. You will see the results over time. Keep to your practice and wait to see how you change.

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