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One Size Does Not Fit All: Why Are There 30, 60 and 90-Day Rehab Programs?

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Imagine two people with broken bones are in the waiting area of the emergency room. One of them, an older man, fell and broke his hip. The other, a young girl, took a rough fall playing soccer and fractured her forearm. Both are in considerable pain and need treatment.

What will determine the treatment program for addiction?

  • Age
  • General Health
  • The Severity of Their Injuries

The older man might need medication for weeks or months to deal with complications. The young girl, an athlete, might be better equipped to handle rigorous physical rehab in the weeks and months ahead.

Medical professionals must carefully evaluate each individual to develop treatment plans to heal while minimizing their re-injury risk. The same is true when patients need help recovering from addiction.

What Happens in 30-Day Inpatient Drug Rehab

Regardless of the duration, a quality drug treatment program should provide the following:

  • A formal assessment that evaluates your medical history, the substance(s) abused, and the severity of your addiction
  • The development of a customized treatment plan to meet your needs
  • Assistance with withdrawal symptoms during the detoxification period
  • Individual and group therapy sessions that educate you about addiction
  • Training to aid in relapse prevention
  • Planning for aftercare and continued peer support following discharge

Many 30-day programs offer most or all of these aspects of treatment and may be more effective if you’re suffering from a mild case of addiction.

If this is the case, many 30-day programs may be cheaper than more extended programs if paying out of pocket. If you have insurance, it’s crucial to verify your insurance and check with your provider to determine how much coverage you can receive.

Who needs a more extended 60-day or 90-day rehab?

  • Co-occurring Conditions
  • Moderate to Severe Addiction
  • Individuals Who Have Suffered Relapses

Who Might Benefit from 60-Day Rehab Programs?

Withdrawal symptoms may last a while; it may take days or even weeks before you can concentrate and participate in therapy sessions. In these cases, a 30-day program barely lets you dip your toes in the waters of sobriety. A 60-day program allows you more:

  • Time to adjust to sober living
  • Opportunities to learn and practice healthy coping methods
  • Detailed treatment plans
  • Connections as you build a positive support network
  • Therapy options that can address co-occurring conditions or family issues

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Unfortunately, more extended treatment programs are less likely to be covered by several insurance providers.

90-Day Rehab Programs: The Gold Standard

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), 90-day programs are best for all individuals struggling with addiction. These lengthier programs offer even more of the benefits afforded by 60-day programs while also:

  • Reporting higher success rates and lower instances of relapse
  • Providing more assistance for those with co-occurring disorders
  • Adjusting goals to meet individual needs more appropriately.
  • Developing more self-confidence in a safe, stable environment

These programs are often the most expensive, requiring more sacrifice of your personal and professional time. That said, it isn’t easy to overstate the positive impact that successful treatment can have on your life.

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A young man confronts addiction while enrolled in a 30-day inpatient drug rehab program.