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Millions in the US struggle with addiction each year. In response, thousands of rehab centers and programs have been established to help. The number of choices can be overwhelming. If your loved one is suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, how do you decide which addiction treatment center is the right fit? Finding the best drug rehab center should start with determining which aspects or features will be the most important for his or her chances of recovery.

Paying for Top Addiction Treatment Centers

Financial concerns are often cited as a major factor in choosing a treatment center. Higher quality residential programs, where the patients benefit from 24-hour immersion in a safe, nurturing environment, often cost more than outpatient programs. Some studies show significantly better outcomes for patients that enter residential treatment centers, and fortunately, your insurance policy might be able to help with payment. When you find a program that looks like it meets the needs of your loved one, ask the admissions specialists for help determining how much of the costs your insurance will cover.

Long-Term Care and Extended Care Available

The best addiction treatment centers out there aren’t just going to treat your addiction for a month and then send you on your way. The best programs offer long-term and continuous care lasting up to 90 days. In fact, 90 days is considered “the golden standard” for addiction treatment because it gives people the time needed to recover, change unwanted behaviors, and learn ways to prevent relapse.

Top addiction centers are also going to offer services like outpatient treatment and aftercare in order to help you maintain your daily responsibilities while recovering and transition you back into your normal life after treatment.

Detoxification On-site at the Best Addiction Treatment Centers

Detoxification, often referred to simply as detox, is the process of ridding the body of chemical substances. This process isn’t easy and can be a major reason why someone may leave rehab before having a chance to recover. Look for a licensed, accredited treatment center that can handle detox on site to provide your loved one with the smoothest transition possible from detox to the next stage of treatment.

The Best Drug Rehab Centers for Co-Occurring Disorders

Depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD and other mental health struggles complicate addiction. While someone may turn to alcohol or drugs for temporary relief, the drug’s effects and particularly the withdrawals can make it even harder to cope. This often leads to an ongoing cycle of increased drug use and worsening symptoms of the condition he or she was trying to self-medicate. Drug rehab centers that are also equipped to treat individuals for mental health concerns like these often have better outcomes for their patients.

Addiction Treatment for Your Loved One in Lancaster, CA

At Design for Change’s residential rehabilitation program in Lancaster, California, we work with our clients to develop individual treatment plans to meet their unique needs. We use a 12-step approach that includes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and a variety of other therapies that seek to treat the entire person. We believe healing the mind, body and spirit from addiction are necessary to make a recovery. People develop addiction to alcohol, prescription painkillers, meth and other drugs in a number of ways, but no one makes a conscious decision to choose this path. Addiction is a serious disease that requires treatment, hard work and dedication to overcome. If you need help staging an intervention for your loved one, or if you have questions about how your insurance can help with treatment, our caring professionals are here for support. Contact us today and begin healing your loved one and family from addiction.

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