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Family Healing

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During treatment for a loved one, the family has time to refocus on themselves.  Addiction has hurt everyone involved.  Getting the family back together and supporting each other in the right way can be challenging.  Starting with individual treatment for everyone will balance focus.  Go to group sessions to learn from other families who are dealing with the same process.  Family therapy will help everyone understand each other better.

Individual Therapy

No matter the family dynamic, each member of the family will be affected by addiction.  Overwhelming emotions feed off of silence.  One on one therapy gives the individual a safe place to express stronger emotions which need a release.  Working through the different trials will help the individual learn how to support the addict in a healthy way.  Mending a broken relationship is not easy for either party involved.  

Al-Anon Groups

Alcoholics Anonymous offers a 12-step program for the suffering addict.  The family and friends also need a group of support.  Al-anon 12 step programs give the loved ones an opportunity to find support through fellowship.  The group can work together and find different ways of coping with an addict in daily life.  Following the 12 steps, just as the addict will in AA meetings, gives the family an opportunity to know what the addict is going through.  Working the steps together opens communication.  Knowing others who are dealing with similar issues creates a bond like no other.  Family members will put blame on themselves for the illness.  Enabling an addict will bring feelings of guilt and shame to an individual.  Joining a group will help diminish the emotions and teach everyone how to build a new life without addiction in control.

Family Therapy

Many treatment centers offer family therapy for patients and loved ones.  The family sessions are not always geared to the addict.  The meetings will consist of working through everyone’s issues with addiction.  The patient is able to express themselves to the family without the old reactions.  The sessions help each member of the family learn new ways to react and communicate.  The therapist gives advice on how to find an understanding of each person.  Pointers and coping skills are stepping stones to everyone having success in recovery.

Addiction affects the family as a whole.  Design for Change can help the family become reconnected, happy, and healthier life.  Begin the change by calling (877)267-3646.

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