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Finding a Therapist After Treatment

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Addiction is a lifelong journey.  An individual can go through several different types of treatment and still have problems staying abstinent.  Continued therapy or treatment will help the addict keep recovery in focus.  The facility where treatment was given will have suggested therapists and groups attend.  Following through with therapy will be up to the person in recovery.  

Addiction has such an effect on a person that they have to battle cravings and emotional control for the rest of their lives.  Addiction is a disease without a cure.  Treatment, therapy, and support make substance abuse recovery tolerable and manageable.  Finding the right support and care can be difficult.  The addict needs to be prepared to use a trial and error technique in order to uncover the right treatment for them.  What works for one addict could be harmful to another.  Evaluations or ‘recovery’ can guide the care team in a positive direction, although changes to the treatment plan should be made as progress continues.

Fighting urges and cravings post-treatment shouldn’t be handled alone.  Support from therapists and groups distract the addict from negative decisions and play a positive role in encouraging sobriety.  Joining groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) create networks into other sources for assistance.  Asking fellow members for advice or suggestions to treatment and therapy give the addict a comfortable setting to support recovery.  

The addict will have to try out a few therapists to find the right fit.  Honesty with one’s self is vital for success in the search.  Being honest with each person the addict talks to will strengthen the addict’s understanding of themselves.  Patience through the process will let the individual have time to find a match.  Finding the best match with a therapist can take a long time.  Once paired up, the duo can build the addict’s new life and help maintain a happy healthy lifestyle.

Continuing work with a therapist, whether found through a group or a facility, increases the addict’s chances for success in recovery.  Trial and error through the process to find a great match with a therapist teach patience.  Everyone involved with recovery has a difficult time understanding every step needed to create a healthy life.  Therapists can support the addict in making the right choices.  

Addiction can feel lonely and out of control.  Therapists and group from Design for Change will treat you with respect and comfort.  Success in recovery starts by making the change. (877)267-3646

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