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Refuge for Those in Recovery

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Treatment is described as a safe haven for the weary soul.  Many addicts are drained from stress, hiding, and cravings.  While in treatment the individual can find refuge.  Facilities provide a safe, healthy, structured environment to have complete focus on personal endeavors.  The addict will feel comfortable knowing the right resources are provided.  After treatment, the addict can seek refuge through continued support.  Outpatient treatment, aftercare, group therapy, and personal therapy will help the individual transition to a new life.

Structured living isn’t always a big deal.  The proof is success rates of recovery.  Scheduled day to day activities give the addict new habits.  Sleeping, eating, and exercising are basic necessities lost when using drugs and alcohol.  When direction is put into action, the individual will feel on track for success.  Other events, such as creative outlets and therapy, build the self-esteem needed for balance.  The environment shelters the addict while growth continues.

Knowledge and understanding put the addict’s mind at ease.  Realizing addiction is a disease comforts the individual.  The addict understands treatment is necessary for a better life.  Learning coping skills and practicing how to say ‘no’ results in confidence.  Expectations become clear.  Being awakened to stronger life skills provides peace of mind.  The understanding expressions, healthy and unhealthy, gives the addict tools for communication and creative outlets.  The idea behind creative outlets is to expel stress and express emotions.  

The support received in treatment continues to aftercare and outpatient groups.  Slowly transitioning from addiction to a sober life doesn’t happen overnight.  The fear of relapse can be overwhelming.  Feeling safe during the transition process is important.  The addict knows how to find support and knowledge when questions about recovery arise.  AA groups and other 12 step programs give refuge.  Group therapy gives a safe environment to discuss needs and concerns about success in recovery.

Refuge for those in recovery looks different to everyone.  The safest living arrangements, healthy habits, and therapy are a foundation for sober living.  Understanding the step by step process to recovery gives the addict relief.  The individual knows what to expect.  Building relationships in groups ease the mind and provide valuable support through treatment and long into a recovery.  

The more you know, the more you grow.  Find refuge at Design for Change.  We can provide the step by step process to help you recover.  Call us today to begin the change (877) 267-3646

Refuge in Recovery