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5 Good Reasons Why You Should Go to Rehab  

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If you’re struggling to control your substance use, rehab is the logical solution. Yet, you keep resisting.  Like most people with SUD, you can come up with plenty of reasons why you don’t need rehab.  Instead, you should look at the reasons why you need rehab.

You should try to let go of your preconceived fears and doubts about rehab to better understand what rehab can do for you.

Why You Need Rehab

Why You Need RehabThe stigma surrounding rehab may be part of the reason you hesitate to get treatment.  Or, maybe you’re afraid of detox and withdrawals. Fear and indecision are normal, but you can’t let them hold you back from getting help.  

Continued drug or alcohol abuse will eventually take a toll on your health, your finances, and your relationships.  So, take steps today to prevent your life from going in that direction.  Learn more about what to expect in rehab.  You will find that it is not the bad place you’ve imagined it to be.  

Here are the top 5 reasons why you need rehab:

1.  Detoxing on your own can be dangerous.

Withdrawals during detox can range from mild to severe.  The level of discomfort is dependent on the drug involved and the duration of the addiction.  If you’re in a professional rehab, medical personnel will monitor the withdrawal systems to ensure a safe, effective outcome.  If you attempt to detox on your own, complications can arise that you are unable to manage.  It’s best to have compassionate professionals at your side.

2.  Rehab will save your life.

Substance use shortens a person’s life expectancy.  It also puts a person in jeopardy of fatal accidents, severe health problems, overdose, or death.  This is one of the main reasons why you need rehab.  During rehab, you’ll learn how to live a sober, healthier lifestyle.

Addiction is a complex disorder.  The chemicals in drugs or alcohol cause physical dependence.  But, there are emotional or mental issues that may have contributed to the drug use.  Rehab programs are designed to target both aspects of the addiction.  

With this approach, you overcome the physical addiction and learn how to manage the emotional problems that can act as triggers for relapse.  Stopping your substance use now will improve your health and remove the threat of fatal overdose.  Rehab will save your life and give you back your life.

3.  Rehab helps you to get to know yourself.

Counseling is a big part of the rehabilitation process.  The sessions are designed to help you identify the underlying reasons for your substance use.  You’ll learn how to cultivate methods for coping with those issues without resorting to drugs or alcohol.  

Skilled, caring counselors will work with you on learning how to set goals and reach them.  You’ll also learn how to cope with difficult situations without relapsing.  Most importantly, you’ll discover that your addiction does not define you.  Rehab provides an opportunity for you to step back, reassess, and discover who you really are and that you have the ability to reach your full potential.

4.  It helps you rebuild relationships.

Another good reason why you need rehab involves learning how to restore relationships.  Addiction may have caused you to lie, steal, or otherwise hurt someone you love.  Rehab teaches you how to re-establish trust that is vital to building lasting relationships.    

While in rehab, you’ll interact with people who are going through the same experiences as you.  The companionship and support you gain from these interactions may lead to new friendships that will continue outside of rehab.  These friendships are special because each person understands what the other is going through. 

5.  Rehab helps improve your health.

If you enter an inpatient program, you will enjoy nutritious meals every day.  It is a well-known fact that nutrition plays a major role in helping a person overcome and avoid substance use.  So, during rehab, you’ll also take part in various nutrition and fitness routines that can be continued after leaving the facility.

Let Design for Change Help You Understand Why You Need Rehab

Our goal at Design for Change Recovery is to help you be the best version of yourself.  So, we offer a comprehensive program that can be customized to fit your unique needs.  We believe everyone can overcome addiction with the right support and guidance, and we strive to provide that and more.  

While in our program, you will attend various classes, counseling sessions, and activities that will help you improve many areas of your life.  You’ll develop better communication skills, gain confidence, and regain self-esteem.  These skills are vital to helping you adapt to living in a stressful world without the need for addictive substances.  

Hopefully, the above information will help you understand why you need rehab.  We encourage you to contact Design for Change Recovery in Lancaster, CA to get more information about our rehab program.  Our licensed and highly trained professionals know why you need rehab, and they will guide you every step of the way.  Call today to start the process of rescuing your life from the grip of addiction.


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5 Good Reasons Why You Should Go to Rehab