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How to Breach the Topic of Family Treatment with Your Loved Ones

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When an addict decides to end his or her addiction, they are making a choice for more people than they might realize. Rehabilitation affects the whole family, and choosing to live a sober life is the first step towards healing family bonds. That’s why we incorporate family treatment into our addiction recovery services at Design for Change. Families serve as a valuable form of support during the recovery process because they participate directly with the therapist and addict to nurture change. It’s clear that family involvement increases the odds of recovery success, but it might feel difficult for an addict to bring up the topic with loved ones. Breaking down barriers to start a conversation isn’t as hard as it initially might seem.

Set a Time to Talk

Telling someone you need help is hard enough. Doing it in a crowded public space where others could interrupt you is even harder. Addiction recovery is a serious topic, and you should plan a location and time beforehand to discuss it with your loved ones. Odds are they will appreciate you taking the problem seriously enough to plan a conversation. This talk could include your partner, parents, children or someone else important in your life. It’s best to bring up addiction with the family members who will be most receptive to the conversation.

Explain the Situation

Conversations about addiction are often avoided because of the social stigma that surrounds the disease. There is no reason to be ashamed of addiction; it affects more people than you might realize. Begin the conversation by telling your family members that you are bringing up the topic because you value their support. Everyone likes to hear that they are valued in a person’s life, especially in a time of need. Explain how drugs or alcohol has negatively affected your life and how it makes you feel. If you are not a naturally open person this may be difficult, but it is an important step towards healing. While you may feel afraid of talking about your problem at first, you will likely find that you begin to open up because it feels like a weight being lifted off your shoulders. Your family members will likely show more compassion to the situation than you imagined.

Plan Your Therapy 

Every family is different, and some are more willing to support someone suffering from addiction than others. If your family members are willing to attend family therapy sessions with you, it’s important to show gratitude for their support. After all, they are going out of their way to help and show that they care. If you decide to attend therapy at Design for Change, we will set up an introductory phone call so our team can get to know your family. This helps us to better understand your family dynamics and tailor your treatment plan. We will set up a family therapy schedule so you can begin healing and mending relationships.

Family therapy may feel like a difficult topic to discuss, but you will likely discover that your family is thankful that you want to involve them. When you decide to get addiction therapy, the hardest part is already over. You have made a decision not only yourself, but for your family members as well. Family can be an important part of recover, so don’t be afraid to involve the people you care about most. Learn more about our family therapy services, and start a conversation that makes a difference.

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