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Patients are Worthy of Love

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Drugs and alcohol block out true emotions.  Connections to one’s self and others are lost.  Feelings of love and respect are not acknowledged and are replaced with unworthiness and shame.  The love, care, and understanding an addict receives during treatment shows the individual the emotions are raw and needed.  Looking within and finding the positive skills and virtues enhance recovery.  Every person has a brightness inside and treatment shows the addict how to find love for themselves.  Relationships go both ways.  Finding others that value the addict and vice versa are imperative to recovery.

Loving the Addict

The staff at treatment facilities truly care for the patients.  The counselors and doctors are in the treatment field as a result of believing every addict needs love and devotion to recover.  Patients in treatment feel alone and in despair.  Showing the individual care encourages self-worth.  Seeing value within enhances confidence and self-esteem.  Family and friends of the addict are also able to show love.  At the time, an addict will feel an intervention is an attack.  Once clarity and understanding are accomplished, the person in recovery will know the family did an intervention out of love.  Time heals the relationships.  Families come back together with an even better bond than before.

The Addict’s Love

During treatment, the addict goes through very eccentric emotions.  Overwhelming feelings will make self-control more difficult.  Cognitive behavioral therapy, or talk therapy, aids the patient in understanding each emotion and how to react.  The individual realizes the hurt put on others and the guilt will set in.  Talk therapy and spiritual growth give the addict the opportunity to forgive themselves and begin loving the people hurt, once again.  Finding ways to express personal love to others builds renewed hope for the addict.  Knowing the individual has the ability to care for others makes the addict feel human again.


Another wonderful experience in treatment is creating self-love.  The addict finds self-worth after addiction.  Discovering a new life that includes self-care brings personal standards to a new level.  Humbly excepting one’s self is a beautiful balance of inward strength and outward attraction.  Positive affirmations and continuous self-care practices are holistic therapy.  The self-devotion empowers the person in recovery to succeed.

Addiction will break a person down to despair.  Be empowered and know you are worth love by contacting Design For Change.  We will help you make the change. Call us today to learn you are worth it. (877)267-3646

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