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What Makes Holistic Addiction Treatment So Special?

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Many treatment options are available for helping people overcome substance use.  However, the programs that offer a holistic approach to treatment are some of the most successful.  What makes holistic addiction treatment so special?  Holistic programs go beyond treating the physical and psychological aspects of addiction. Instead, holistic treatment also addresses underlying issues that make it hard to stay sober.

Design for Change Recovery offers a holistic approach to treatment that integrates evidence-based practices together with compassionate, supportive therapists and counselors.  Our full continuum of holistic care starts with detoxification followed by rehab, and concludes with an aftercare program.

If you need treatment for substance abuse, a holistic program provides a wide array of benefits during and after treatment.  

Addiction Treatment With a Holistic Perspective

Holistic Addiction TreatmentStudies show that people are more likely to maintain long-term sobriety after receiving holistic treatment.  Holistic therapies that address the physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual aspects of addiction are the key to their success.

In general, substance use disorders are accompanied by various mental health issues.  For instance, a person with SUD also suffers from depression, anxiety, trauma, and low self-esteem.  The individual may also struggle with relationship problems, a non-supportive environment, or chronic health problems.  These issues often lead a person to self-medicate with drugs or alcohol, resulting in addiction.

The holistic approach to treatment takes all of the above issues into consideration to promote whole-person healing.   

Why Are the Spiritual Aspects of Holistic Treatment Important?

According to holistic medicine philosophy, a person must gain balance in their life to achieve optimal healing.  Imbalances in life can affect a person’s overall physical and mental well-being.    

In times of hopelessness and loneliness, connecting with a higher power can be helpful.  Research shows that meditation and mindfulness practices contribute to spiritual wellness as well as physical health.  Spirituality does not typically emphasize a particular religion.  However, it does encourage connecting with a higher power that isn’t associated with a deity.  It simply means to have faith in something bigger than ourselves such as nature, the universe, or self-will.

Numerous Benefits of Holistic Addiction Treatment

Holistic treatment promotes creating a balanced lifestyle to achieve long-term recovery.  Generally, people who struggle with substance tend to ignore nutrition and other healthy behaviors.  They may also lack the ability to handle stress effectively which can lead to relapse.  A holistic program can help them learn the skills and desire to eat healthy meals and cultivate proven relapse-prevention techniques. 

Some of the key benefits of the holistic approach include:

  • Self-Awareness and Personal Growth – Helps individuals learn to identify substance use triggers and cultivate effective coping skills.
  • Stress Management – Holistic techniques such as meditation, mindfulness, and yoga help people learn to manage stress to avoid relapse.
  • Physical Health – Holistic therapies such as nutritional guidance, exercise, and experiential therapy help restore physical well-being.
  • Spirituality – Finding a connection with spiritual practices helps a person gain inner peace and purpose in life.
  • Whole-Person Healing – By addressing the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of addiction, people are more likely to maintain sobriety.

Components of Our Holistic Addiction Treatment at Design for Change 

Overall, our holistic treatment involves helping a person gain confidence, improve communication skills, and find healthy ways to enjoy life without the need for drugs or alcohol.  We provide a range of treatment options that help clients improve their quality of life after treatment.  The components of our holistic treatment include:

In addition to holistic therapies, we also provide a full continuum of care at Design for Change that incorporates the following therapies for a comprehensive approach to treatment

Our holistic addiction treatment program is unique because we take time to understand a client’s personal struggle with drugs or alcohol.  We work with the client to create an individualized treatment plan based on their specific needs and preferences.   For instance, we offer specialized programs based on gender, age, sexual orientation, and faith-based or secular programs, just to name a few.

Design for Change Recovery Specializes in Holistic Addiction Treatment 

At Design for Change, we believe every person can heal but it requires the right combination of treatment, skills building, compassion, and support.  We are a JCAHO-accredited facility that ensures that you get the high-quality treatment you need and deserve. 

We also believe everyone should have access to affordable addiction treatment.  With this in mind, we work in-network with many top insurance providers.  If a client is not insured, we will help them make other payment arrangements.  Most importantly, we strive to ensure our client’s comfort and safety at all times.  

If you’re looking for holistic addiction treatment and want to know more about our program, contact us today.  You can reach our Lancaster, CA facility any time by phone, email, or online to speak with a treatment advisor.  

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What Makes Holistic Addiction Treatment So Special?